Match highlight - Emily and Carol


Most of our mentors are young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s. But 10% of our mentors are over age 50. “Little” Emily and her “Big” Carol have been matched for a whopping three and a half years now. Carol considers Emily to be more like a granddaughter than a “little sister”. Despite the age difference, the pair has gone on plenty of fun outings together like going to museums, taking cooking classes, and attending Broadway plays, but what Carol enjoys most are her conversations with Emily. According to Carol, “Emily has a terrific mind and a fabulous personality. She does keep me young though. I try to keep up with her current favorite singers, groups and internet sensations. She, in turn, tries to keep me appropriately styled!” Carol’s favorite outing with Emily was attending her middle school graduation. She felt a part of Emily’s family and was touched to be there with them. Carol is very proud of Emily and looks forward to more adventures in 2016.