Match Highlight: Don and Jonathan

CBSBB mentor Don and his “little,” Jonathan, have been matched for over a year now, and have no plans of slowing down. They made a long lasting connection at their first outing together at CBSBB’s Fun and Fit Day, where they learned the importance of exercise and eating and drinking healthy. After that it was smooth sailing, as they met up for numerous outings like trying new foods, shooting hoops, visiting the top of One World Trade, and exploring the Lower East Side and East Village neighborhoods. For Don, his most memorable moment was attending Jonathan’s 12th birthday party, where he was able to take part in his traditions and culture and meet some of Jonathan’s family and friends. Their relationship has been based on learning. Jonathan says, “Don has taught me that I can be anything I want to when I grow up,” and because of Don’s example, “I would like to learn about the world around me and… find a job that I enjoy and am passionate about.”

Don and Jonathan shared their story at CBSBB’s Annual Mass, which was held in January. Don’s mother also attended and spoke in Spanish, her first language. She described how Don has flourished since he was matched with Jonathan. Her heart felt words of thanks were translated by Josh Lamourt, Don and Jonathan’s CSBBB mentor coordinator.