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Bigs & Littles NYC Mentoring Featured in New York Times' Neediest Cases Fund Article

"In May, Noel, now 14, was matched with a big brother through Bigs & Littles NYC Mentoring, an affiliate of Catholic Charities, one of the eight organizations supported by The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund. Enter Ben Green, from Dublin, who moved to New York City with his wife seven years ago.

'My thinking of it is just to give him another outlet to talk to someone else, if he wants,' Mr. Green, 35, said. 'I don't push any agenda. If he wants to talk about something, I'm there to listen and help him think through stuff. Or to not talk and just wander around.'

Noel recently started his freshman year at New Design High School. Mrs. Vanderpool says Noel is on time for appointments and engaged in his studies, a difference she credits to Mr. Green and his active role in Noel's life." 

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