CBSBB Match Highlight

Melody Morales, a CBSBB Little Sister, is nothing short of an all-star! One of the few in her family to complete high school and the first to graduate from college, Melody is now studying to receive a master’s degree from Columbia University School of Social Work.

Melody and her Big Sister of 16 years, Camila Pastor, shared their story at our 2015 Annual Gala Dinner Dance. As Melody stated in her remarks, “Because of CBSBB and Camila, I went from being an at risk youth, on my way to becoming one more statistic, to making it into an Ivy League school where I will soon become a certified social work professional, ready to reach my hand back to others in need, as I once was.”

CBSBB fully believes in the power of mentoring. As Tom Webber, our Executive Director, often says “CBSBB transforms lives, and we do it every day.” As Melody completes her first year at Columbia, she shared that “In all of my current courses, each professor has asked, ‘what was the one factor that you believe got you here today?’ My answer has always been that I had one positive influence in my life that changed the course of everything. Camila has been a blessing in my life for over 16 years. Thank you. And thank you, CBSBB.” CBSBB is incredibly proud of Melody, and is humbled to be a part of her bright future.