Family Patterns Workshop


Getting together as part of the CBSBB Latino community is always good news, especially if we are going to learn and share. On February 7th, a total of 25 participants, including Littles and mothers, gathered to participate in discussing the topic “Family Patterns and Parenting.” Parents watched a movie together and later analyzed the patterns and dynamics of the family in the movie.

They observed that the relationships between mothers and daughters conveyed confusing messages. The mothers agreed that parents’ expectations of their kids will have an impact on a child's decisions. During the last part of the workshop families were encouraged to apply the concepts seen in the movie to their own daily lives. Families shared their experiences on topics like zero tolerance to violence, stopping patterns of abuse, raising awareness regarding gender issues and moving on in life.

After the analysis of the movie, all parents and kids came together to enjoy snacks and typical food that the families brought. While eating, the families did an evaluation of the activity and highlighted that the activity was a positive experience; they enjoyed the movie and especially appreciated the opportunity to share with others.