Match Highlight: Rebecca and Maci


Matched since February 2015, “Big” Rebecca and her “Little,” Maci, clicked from the start and have developed an easy and fun relationship. They challenge each other to learn and try new things. They have their differences, as Maci is an avid reader, and Rebecca is not, but they have loads of similarities as well, particularly their love for shopping and seafood. Rebecca’s favorite outing is a recent college tour she and Maci took at Fordham University. According to Rebecca she was excited and touched that Maci allowed her to help her research something so important such as college. Rebecca says, “I love talking about Maci's future, and how bright it is! She's destined for greatness.” Both Rebecca and Maci enjoy exploring the city together, and Rebecca feels blessed to have the ability to show Maci things she’s never seen or experienced and hopes she is creating memories for her Little. CBSBB is honored to have a flourishing match like Rebecca and Maci’s as part of our program, and we wish them the best in 2016.