November 2014


Thanks (for) Giving!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and giving back, we’d like to highlight two of our first year matches who used their time together to give back in their own unique way!

Kristin (Big) and Emani (Little) volunteered on October 18th as part of New York Cares Day at a high school in the Bronx. They were assigned to help clean up the school’s extensive vegetable garden. When asked how they picked the outing, Kristin said she signed up to volunteer through her company’s volunteer program. When she asked Emani if she had any interest, “she didn’t hesitate to say yes because she really wanted to give back. She’s so civic minded!” Kristin shared that she was proud of Emani for her hard work, commitment, and dedication. “She really put her heart into the activity.” The outing was particularly special because it gave the match a chance to get to know each other even more in a low-pressure environment. “I think we had fun together and I know I learned a lot about Emani and her goals and aspirations,” Kristin remarked. Kristin and Emani had a great time and plan on volunteering together again in the future- possibly at a pet rescue since they both love animals.

Janelle (Big) and Amber (Little) volunteered the same weekend for a Breast Cancer Walk on October 19th at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Janelle shared that the outing is of particular importance to her since her own mother is a breast cancer survivor and Janelle has been raising money and doing the walk for the past two years. When Janelle told Amber about it, Amber was more than happy to be a part of it. Janelle shared that the day was special to her because she had most of the people that she cares about with her, including Amber and the match had a great time together. Janelle and Amber said they would “definitely” do another walk or some kind of volunteering event together in the future! 

As you see from the matches above, you can give back in your own unique way!

CBSBB Newsflash

Matches get Active for Fun & Fit Day

We understand that our matches are busier than ever, with work, school and afterschool activities; very little time is left for them to be able to engage in fun, healthy, and physical activities. Another reality is our Littles may have limited access to healthy meal options in their environment;

With that being said, one can quickly see why so many youth face health issues. To counter these realities, CBSBB held its first Fun & Fit Day on Saturday October 18th, 2014. The event was a kick off for our organization’s initiative to support healthy living and awareness. This event marks the start of our organization’s commitment to matches being active and engaging in fun and healthy living activities. Activities included: crab soccer, relay races, and capture the flag.

Matches also participated in a workshop facilitated by Cornell University Health Initiative. In this workshop they learned how to measure the calorie and sugar content in beverages while also discussing better alternatives to consuming high calorie sugary drinks.

As an organization we are committed to creating pathways towards healthy lifestyles which are an essential part of encouraging our Littles to build strong, healthy and economically secure futures. In the next months we will continue to coordinate great, fun activities and events in our continued effort to encourage fit and healthy lifestyles.

Did You Know?

October Ball Raises Money for Matches

October Ball raised $160,000 for CBSBB’s mentoring matches this year! Held on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at The New York Public Library, over 700 people attended the 17th Annual October Ball.

Every year October Ball is attended by New York City’s young professionals with proceeds benefiting our mission of supporting the transformative power of mentoring.

Thank you to our sponsors, donors, Co-Chairs, and committee members who made this night possible.