Outdoor Adventure Brings Big Fun!


The Outdoor Adventure Trip was a smash success! A group of 30 took a 90-minute bus ride to the Princeton-Blairstown Center in New Jersey for CBSBB’s annual outing on October 3rd. The chilly and rainy weather only added to the feeling of challenge for the day. Littles and their Bigs participated in physical challenges such as synchronized jump rope, a high ropes courses, and rock-climbing. Bigs and Littles also used their wits to build a makeshift bridge. “It was a super exhilarating day,” said Masha Makhlyagina, CBSBB’s Skill Learning Coordinator, “everyone used their minds and bodies to build trust and push past our limits.” The group agreed they learned more about themselves and became better friends by trying something they had never done before – and admitted sometimes the biggest challenge is being willing to take a risk in the first place.