Welcome to our new TTYA matches!

On July 11, new TTYA (Transition to Young Adulthood) Littles, Bigs, and Parents joined us for an official welcome event for the group. The afternoon provided a chance for group members to get to know each other and their mentoring coordinator, Jess. The day was filled with great discussions and information sharing thanks to participants’ openness and positive energy.

A recent TTYA Little (Tatyana) spoke with the group. She shared her experience in the program and her first year in college. She answered group members’ questions about her successes and proud moments, challenges, and lessons learned this year. Her honest insight was well received. Jess separated the group (Bigs and Parents in one group, Littles in the other) to come up with definitions for “transition” and “young adult.” She also challenged the group to discuss the thoughts or emotions those terms raised for them and the information and skills needed to make the transition to young adulthood smoother (i.e. time management).

As a larger group, everyone compared the lists and discussed similarities and differences as well as ways to support each other during the transition. The group agreed that the transition to young adulthood can be somewhat scary but is also very exciting too! Littles were encouraged to continue reaching out to their Bigs, Jess, and their networks for support. Jess clarified the TTYA requirements and her role with the group, led a discussionabout hopes and fears for the fall (a time of transition for some of the matches where the Little will be attending college or starting a work program), fun activities to do together as a group and strategies for staying in touch. The group left feeling more informed and excited about this next step in their match relationship. We are excited about the upcoming year with such a dynamic group!